Adam Driver As Snape (2023)

1. Harry Potter HBO: Will Adam Driver Play Snape in the TV Series?

  • Sep 1, 2023 · Adam Driver is not confirmed to be playing Snape in the upcoming Harry Potter HBO TV series, nor have there been any credible rumors or leaks to ...

  • Here is the need-to-know information about Adam Driver potentially playing Severus Snape in the upcoming Harry Potter HBO TV series.

2. Adam Driver Ignites Fervor Among Harry Potter ... - Fortress of Solitude

  • May 29, 2023 · He's a very talented actor, so there's no doubt that he'd be able to play Snape, however, there is the question of whether or not he would be ...

  • If we were to ever get a Harry Potter prequel movie based on a young Severus Snape, there would only be one actor who could do the character justice: Adam

3. Fans are desperate for Adam Driver to be cast as Snape in the ... - LADbible

4. 5 actors who can play Snape in Harry Potter series - Sportskeeda

  • Apr 16, 2023 · 1) Adam Driver ... Adam Driver is an obvious choice because of his popularity among Harry Potter fans as a potential Snape. Several fan art pieces ...

  • Severus Snape is arguably the Harry Potter universe's most layered and complex character. His arc is one of the most intriguing yet gut-wrenchingly tragic.

5. Adam Driver Becomes Fan-Favorite to Play Professor Snape in the 'Harry ...

  • Apr 12, 2023 · 'Harry Potter' fans have found the perfect actor to play Professor Snape in the TV reboot.

  • 'Harry Potter' fans have found the perfect actor to play Professor Snape in the TV reboot.

6. Harry Potter TV series Cast: List of rumoured stars to appear in J.K. ...

  • Sep 1, 2023 · Only speculation at this point but Star Wars actor Adam Driver has been earmarked for the role - and on appearance alone, it's a pretty good fit ...

  • With the Harry Potter TV series now in the works - we take a look at the rumoured cast set to help revive J.K. Rowling’s much-loved books

7. Fans Don't Want to Hear About Adam Driver as Snape in Harry Potter ...

  • Apr 13, 2023 · That is actually true because Driver is 6 feet 2 and "built like a fridge," and Snape is more on the scrawny, skinny, and bony side of things.

  • Fans are not happy with the fancast (ironic) of Severus Snape in the new Harry Potter reboot, which is set to be executive produced by J.K. Rowling herself. Reasons? Plenty of important ones, as usual.

8. Adam Driver Ignites Fervor Among Harry Potter Fans for Iconic Prequel ...

  • Severus Snape has been a favourite among Harry Potter fans since Alan Rickman played him. Adam Driver has a similar character arch to the Potions Professor.

  • If we were to ever get a Harry Potter prequel movie based on a young Severus Snape, there would only be one actor who could do the character justice: Adam Driver. RELATED: Harry Potter Theorists Think Merlin Could Defeat Voldemort Despite J.K. Rowling’s less than stellar reputation among fans after she posted a couple of tweets that brought the axe down on her head, many fans of her popular series Harry Potter still want more content. While the …

9. Seven Actors Who Could Play Severus Snape on the New "Harry ...

  • Apr 27, 2023 · Yeah no not a single one of these actors can portray professor Snape. The one and only actor who can is Adam Driver. He already looks at he ...

  • Seven Actors Who Could Play Severus Snape on the New "Harry Potter" TV Show - The Daily Prophet


Is Adam Driver really playing Snape? ›

Unfortunately, for fans desperate to see Adam Driver play the role of Professor Severus Snape, there has been nothing to suggest that this will be happening. At the time of writing, there are only speculative posts and “fan-casting” articles that list Adam Driver as playing Snape.

Who was first choice for Snape? ›

Originally, British actor Tim Roth was in talks to play the character. Roth is now recognizable for playing Emil Blonsky or "Abomination" in The Incredible Hulk and later in the MCU as well. But, before that, he was the studio's first choice for Snape and was on board for it.

Have you ever considered that you ask too much Snape? ›

SNAPE: Have you ever considered that you ask too much, that you take too much for granted? Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I don't want to do this anymore? DUMBLEDORE: Whether it has or hasn't is irrelevant. I will not negotiate with you, Severus.

What did Snape mean by always? ›

Snape having the same Patronus, the doe, as Lily symbolized his everlasting love and unwavering devotion towards her. He hadn't stopped loving her after their last altercation, marriage to James Potter, or death. She was his "always," his guiding light, and he protected Harry for her.

Who turned down the role of Snape? ›

Tim Roth explains why he turned down the role of Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. When it comes to major franchises like Star Wars or Harry Potter, there are certain characters you just can't picture being played by another actor.

Who was almost cast as Snape? ›

"Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction" actor Tim Roth was actually offered the role of Severus Snape before Alan Rickman. However, Roth decided to turn the role down in favour of working with Tim Burton on his "Planet of the Apes" remake.

Who turned down the role of Harry Potter? ›

Harry Potter seems unimaginable without Daniel Radcliffe in the starring role. Originally the role was offered to American actor Liam Aiken who had worked with director Chris Columbus on the film Stepmom. However the offer was almost immediately retracted.

Who rejected Harry Potter? ›

The novel was rejected by 12 different publishing houses before Bloomsbury accepted it. It goes on: "A copy was submitted to Bloomsbury Publishing and was a significant step in convincing them to offer J.K. Rowling her first contract."

Did Snape tip off the order? ›

It is later revealed that Snape had in fact supplied Umbridge with fake Veritaserum on the prior attempt. Snape then carries Harry's cryptic warning about Sirius' capture to the other Order members, allowing them to come to the rescue in the Department of Mysteries.

What is Snape's most famous line? ›

From the moment he first burst into the potions classroom and said “there will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations” Snape was cemented as an iconic character. These are the most famous and iconic lines by Snape, that people love to re-use in memes or just among friends.

What is Snape most iconic line? ›

Severus Snape Quotes
  • I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. ...
  • The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. ...
  • “Would you like me to do it now?” asked Snape, his voice heavy with irony. ...
  • “But somebody else had spoken Snape's name, quite softly.

What was Snape's famous line? ›

"I Have Spied For You And Lied For You, Put Myself In Mortal Danger For You. Everything Was Supposed To Keep Lily Potter's Son Safe. Now You Tell Me You've Been Raising Him Like A Pig For Slaughter." Not only did this line reveal something new about Snape, but it also revealed something new about Dumbledore.

Did Lily ever love Snape? ›

As much as people romanticize Snape's infatuation with Lily, the fact that she did not love him back romantically seems to go ignored by many fans of the series. The fact that Snape and Lily were only friends, and she only saw it as such, reveals a lot about his refusal to respect her boundaries.

What were Snape's last words? ›

I feel as though most of you will already have noticed this, but I was re-reading Deathly Hallows for the 100th time and I got to the part where Snape dies. The exact quote surrounding Snape's last words is, " me" he whispered.

Who plays Snape in the new Harry Potter? ›

Alan Rickman Needed To Know How To Play Snape

This included his apparently shifting loyalties, his ultimate devotion to Dumbledore, and his undying love for Lily Potter, which motivated him to help and protect Harry in his quest against Voldemort.

Was Snape really on Harry's side? ›

This, of course, hints at one of the most major twists in the entire series: the reveal in the final installment that Snape has been on Harry's side the entire time because of his love for Harry's mother, Lily, who was killed by Lord Voldemort.

Was Snape playing both sides? ›

He had the ability to tiptoe on both sides of the conflict, acting as an important ally for both Dumbledore and Voldemort. Snape's love for Lily Evans and his skill as a wizard allowed him to play both sides as a double agent, ultimately aiding Harry Potter in defeating Voldemort.

Why was Snape playing both sides? ›

Despite his attraction to the Dark Arts and Voldemort's ideology of wizard supremacy, Snape's love for Muggle-born Lily Evans, Harry's mother, eventually compelled him to defect from the Death Eaters. He then became a double agent for Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

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