How To Troubleshoot and Fix Your Njoy Pod Not Hitting Properly (2024)

To fix a Njoy pod not hitting, replace the pod or check the battery connection.

How To Fix Njoy Pod Not Hitting

One of the most common issues with Njoy Pods is that they often don’t produce the full hit or flavor that users expect. Fixing this problem is generally fairly simple by following a few steps.

First, make sure the device is properly charged, as this can sometimes affect the performance of the pod. Next, check that the coil is properly installed and has a strong connection to the battery. Additionally, ensure that your Njoy Pod has enough liquid and adjust your wattage settings accordingly if needed. Finally, if none of these solutions produce desired results, it may be time to replace your pod or coil.

Keep in mind that making slight adjustments along each of these steps such as adjusting airflow or increasing your wattage can help enhance your flavor experience. While Njoy Pods may run into occasional problems like not hitting properly, there are plenty of simple solutions that can help restore their performance without having to replace them entirely.

Identifying the Issue

When a user experiences difficulty getting a hit from their Njoy Pod device, there are a few steps that can be taken to identify the issue and determine the best way to fix it. The first step in identifying an issue is to check the device and inspect its battery. If the device itself appears to be functioning properly, then it may be necessary to look into other potential causes of difficulty getting a hit.

Troubleshooting Tips

One of the most common issues with Njoy Pod devices is related to airflow. Ensuring that there is proper airflow around the device is essential for getting a smooth hit from your device. If there is not enough air circulation, then it may be necessary to open up vents or add more ventilation holes in order to allow air to flow freely through the device. Additionally, it may help to trip the reset button on your Njoy Pod if this has been pressed accidentally or due to user error.

Investigating Characteristics of Liquid Used

In addition to ensuring proper airflow and resetting the device, it is important to look at the quality and makeup of e-liquid used in your Njoy Pod system. Checking for any impurities in the liquid can help identify any potential issues with flavor or vapor production. It is also important to ensure that nicotine strength isn’t too high for the type of device being used as this can cause problems with hitting as well.

Cleaning and Maintaining Njoy Pod System Components

Once all other potential causes have been ruled out, it may be necessary to clean and maintain components of your Njoy Pod system in order to get a better hit from your device. This includes cleaning and replacing coils in your Njoy Pod system as well as cleaning out ports on the system itself which can get clogged over time due to residue buildup from e-liquid use.

Making Adjustments To Power Output Settings On Device

Finally, if all else fails, making adjustments to power output settings on your device may be necessary in order for you to get a good hit from it. Lowering or raising wattage as specified by manufacturer guidelines can help improve vapor production while conserving battery life when adjusting wattage settings is also important for maximizing efficiency with each use of your device.

Identifying Compatible Pods For Specific Devices

Finding the right pods for your Njoy Pod System Device can be a tricky task. To ensure you get the best fitment, it is important to make sure that the pods you purchase are compatible with your current device model. Researching different pod options and checking for compatibility with your device model is a must before committing to a purchase. It is also important to check that the ports on your device are able to accommodate the size of the new pod, as not all ports may be compatible with all sizes of pods.

Utilizing Different Chargers or Cables For Charging Njoy Pod System Devices

Using a certified charger and cable specific to the brand type and model of Njoy Pod System Device will help ensure better performance when charging these devices. Investing in these cables and chargers can also prevent any issues such as overcharging from occurring, which can cause damage to both the battery and internal components of your device. It’s important to make sure that you are purchasing certified products that are compatible with your device, so always double-check before using them on any devices.

Seeking Advice From Technical Support Professionals Regarding Fixing Njoy Pod Not Hitting Issues

If you have experienced any issues with your Njoy Pod System Device not hitting correctly, then it may be time to seek help from technical support professionals. Contacting the manufacturers customer service team is usually a good first step when troubleshooting this issue, as they will often provide customised solutions depending on the specifics of your product line. Alternatively, there are many troubleshooting guides available online that walk through step-by-step procedures for fixing Njoy pod not hitting issues. Reading through these guides can often provide helpful insight into resolving any problems you may be having with your device.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the common causes of Njoy Pod not hitting?
A: The most common causes of Njoy Pod not hitting are a clogged pod, a faulty battery, or an issue with the connection between the pod and the battery.

Q: How can I tell if my Njoy Pod is clogged?
A: If your Njoy Pod is clogged, it may produce a very faint or weak hit when you take a drag. You may also notice that there is reduced vapor production when you take a drag.

Q: How do I clean my Njoy Pod if it’s clogged?
A: To clean your Njoy Pod, first remove it from the battery. Then use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe away any excess residue from the inside of the pod. Let it dry completely before re-attaching it to the battery and taking a drag.

Q: What should I do if my battery isn’t working properly?
A: If your battery isn’t working properly, you can try cleaning the connection point between your battery and pod with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. If this doesn’t work, then you may need to replace the battery with a new one.

Q: How often should I replace my Njoy Pod?
A: It’s recommended that you replace your Njoy Pod after about two weeks of use or when you start to notice reduced vapor production or taste changes.

The most important thing to remember when trying to fix a Njoy Pod not hitting is to make sure the battery is properly charged and the connection is secure. Additionally, ensuring that the pod itself is not damaged or clogged can help ensure that it will hit properly. If none of these solutions work, then it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer or a professional for further assistance.

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How To Troubleshoot and Fix Your Njoy Pod Not Hitting Properly (2024)


How do you fix a pod that isn't hitting? ›

To fix weak hits with a pod system, start by removing and examining the pod. Do the metal contacts inside the device or on the bottom of the pod look dirty? Clean the contacts with a cotton swab. If the contacts are especially dirty, you can dampen the cotton swab with a little rubbing alcohol.

How do you fix a vape pod? ›

How to fix a leaking vape device
  1. Remove the pod or tank from the device.
  2. Wrap your tank or pod in towelling paper and blow into the mouthpiece to force out any excess liquid in the coil chamber.
  3. Wipe up excess liquid in the chamber with towelling paper.
  4. Let the device cool down.

Why is my pod not firing? ›

If your pod system has a manual fire button, it most likely has an on/off function. In that case, try pressing the fire button five times to turn the device on. If your pod system still isn't hitting, try removing the pod and looking under it. Do you see a pool of e-liquid?

How long is an NJOY pod supposed to last? ›

A fully charged NJOY ACE battery has enough battery life to last approximately a full day, though individual use may vary.

Why is my pod barely hitting? ›

Poor connection of the battery or a missing pod may cause the device to not hit properly. Furthermore, if there is a problem with the device's battery life this can also cause it not to hit correctly.

How do you know if your pod is broken? ›

Knowing When to Change Your Vape Pod
  1. You Get a Burnt or Stale Taste. The most obvious sign that it's time to change your vape pod is if you take a puff and you get a burnt or stale taste. ...
  2. Your Vape Juice Looks Darker. ...
  3. Dry Hits and Less Vapour Production. ...
  4. Little or No Flavour. ...
  5. Visible Build-Up on Your Coil.
7 Apr 2020

How do you unclog a pod? ›

The hair dryer method - With the dryer on the lowest setting, blow some warm air on your device. This will warm up the device and allow the trapped liquid to flow more freely. Once the device has been sufficiently warmed up, put it in an upright position in order to let the liquid flow back into its proper spot.

How do you reset a vape? ›

All you'd need to do after removing the batteries is press all physical buttons on the mod at the same time – i.e. the Fire, Up, and Down buttons in most cases. For some models, such as the Veneno or the Alien, pressing just the Up and Down buttons instead is enough to force a factory reset.

Why is my vape not firing properly? ›

If you are hearing a small amount of popping and fizzing, it may just be the coils doing their job. However, if you start noticing large popping sounds and gurgling you should begin by checking your tank for overfilling. You also need to check your atomizer and ensure that it is seated correctly on your device.

How do I know if pod is working? ›

To check if the status of your pods is healthy, the easiest way is to run the kubectl get pods command. After that, you can use kubectl describe and kubectl logs to obtain more detailed information.

How many cigarettes is an NJOY pod equal to? ›

One NJOY ACE POD lasts as long as one pack of cigarettes. 5% Nicotine by Weight. 1.9 mL per pod. *Based on typical usage.

How many hits do njoys have? ›

The NJOY DAILY is a disposable e-cigarette. Each DAILY provides approximately 300 puffs, comparable to 1 full pack of cigarettes. There are eight flavors and a choice of 4.5% or 6% nicotine strengths.

How many puffs of vape in one sitting? ›

The most popular sizes of vape cartridges right now are: 3 grams: many disposable vape pens are this size. It can last you for around 80 to 100 puffs. 5 grams: this can last for around 120 to 150 puffs.

How do I restart a failed pod? ›

However, if you need to restart a single pod, you can use the kubectl delete command or scale down the deployment and then scale it up again using the kubectl scale command.

How do I force restart a pod? ›

The most straightforward way to restart a pod in Kubernetes is to use the kubectl delete pod command followed by the kubectl apply command. Here are the steps: Get the name of the pod that you want to restart. You can use the kubectl get pods command to list all the pods in the cluster and find the one you need.

How do you clear a clogged pod? ›

The hair dryer method - With the dryer on the lowest setting, blow some warm air on your device. This will warm up the device and allow the trapped liquid to flow more freely. Once the device has been sufficiently warmed up, put it in an upright position in order to let the liquid flow back into its proper spot.

Why is my pod running but not ready? ›

If a Pod is Running but not Ready it means that the Readiness probe is failing. When the Readiness probe is failing, the Pod isn't attached to the Service, and no traffic is forwarded to that instance.

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