Secret of the Everfree Forest (2024)

This is my first My little pony fanfiction. I am so excited for it. I have been thinking about this for a while own nothing except my character. Enjoy.

(Unknown POV)

I have been in this forest for over a thousand years. I cannot leave even if I wanted to. I am trapped here. My father failed to beat the princesses long ago and now I am stuck here. Sigh. I dream of leaving and finding a friend. But my curse will not allow me to leave. I have learned thousands of spells to protect myself and what lies within the everfree forest. I have seen many ponies enter my forest and leave without regard of who lives here. Zecora is the only exception. I so wish that I could leave the everfree forest and hangout with the ponies of ponyville. They all seem so nice and friendly. I want a friend to help me leave the forest. But who would want to help me, The Queen of the Everfree Forest.

(Spike's POV)

"Spike, Starlight and I are going to be studying magic for a bit in the castle I need you to pick up some supplies for me from Zecora." Twilight said.

"No problem, Twilight. I'll be back faster than Pinkie can throw a party." I told Twilight.

"Thanks, Spike. I knew that could count on you. See you later."

"Later Twilight." With that I left. I love helping Twilight. Ever since I hatched from my egg we have been best friend and partners ever since. I still wonder about my who could have laid my egg but lately I haven't been think about it till now.

I entered the everfree forest and found my way towards Zecora's Cottage when suddenly I heard Zecora talking to somepony whose voice I have never even heard of. I looked in her window and saw a pony in a cloak.

"Zecora, I am glad that you are my friend, but I wish that I could meet the rest of the ponies in ponyville."

"I know that you feel this way, but tell me why do you choose to stay away?"

"I… would prefer to keep that to myself. Besides I have the forest and the creatures and you."

"I am pleased to be your friend, but what if I choose I friend to send?"

"No, thanks. Besides I must be going I have my own responsibilities to attend to. Same time nest month." I saw Zecora nod her head.

"Thanks. See you next time." I heard this strange pony say then she left Zecora's hut. I hid in some bushes so she would see me. The suddenly she was gone. 'Wonder where she went? I should get Twilight things for Zecora.' I thought to myself.

"Hey Zecora. Who was that pony that was in here a few minutes ago?"

"Hello Spike. That was an old friend who just finished her hike."

"Anyway Twilight needed me to get these supplies from you." I handed her the list.

"Ah, yes. I have what the princess needs. But first there is something I need."

"What?" I asked.

"Deep in the forest there is a flower that I do not acquire. Only then will I have the things that the princess desires." Zecora said.

"Okiee Dokie One flower coming right up. Um, which way do I go?" She giggled a little.

"You will go north. The you will go forth the tree that look like a y. Then the flower will catch your eye."

"Got thanks, Zecora."

Hmm. Where could that flower be? I followed Zecora's directions correctly now where is that flower.

I slapped myself on the forehead. "I didn't even ask what the flower looked like? Guess I should go back." I kept looking around so I could find my way back to Zecora's hut.

'Which way do I go?' I thought to myself.

"Great, now I am lost." I then smelled something awful.

"Agg. What is that smell?" I then became very scared. "Timberwolves." I looked around and I saw dozens of them. I must have walked into their territory.

"HALT." I heard some shout.

"Who are you?" I heard some ask me but I was too scared to look up and answer.

"I said, who are you?"

"Mmmmmy nname iiis Spike."

"Spike, what are you doing so deep in the forest?"

"I was looking for a flower for my friend Zecora." She giggled then I was confused.

"Spike, this deep in the forest. There are no flowers. Grr Zecora. Sigh Figures she does this. Come on. I will take up back to Zecora's hut."

I looked at her and I saw a pink unicorn with sky blue eyes and a black cloak.


"Okay, but first tell me your name. I already told you mine."

"Right sorry. Don't talk to many pony's out here. My name is Everfree."

Not a long chapter but I have been dying do this for SO long. I hope y'all enjoyed this. Now I will not continue this one until I finished my other story. I will get to this one as soon as I finish my other story. Please review and let me know what you think. See y'all next time.

Secret of the Everfree Forest (2024)
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