Ultimate Gacha System: Reborn Into A Crazy Fantasy Chapter 3 - Necropolis! (2024)

On a king-sized bed within a luxurious room, Aleron lay peacefully with his eyes closed.

Beside the bed was a chair, on which a handsome man with long gray hair sat while reading an old, tattered book.

As if sensing something, the man looked at Aleron whose eyes slowly moved before gradually opening.

After a brief confusion in his eyes, the expression of relief settled in.

"I am alive."

"Yes, my lord."

Aleron turned to his right upon hearing the voice and saw the man with a handsome countenance, two demonic horns on his head, and his dark green eyes looking straight into his.

"You…" Alereon was surprised.

The man stood up and bowed with his right palm on his chest and a smile hanging on his lips, "My name is Darzax, my lord."

Hearing that, Aleron saw a window panel pop up in his mind.

[Darzax the Graveborn]

_Class: Archmage Sorcerer.

_Speciality: Necromancy, Master of Death.

_Power Level: 1,293,490.

"They were going to kill me...but you saved me!"

Aeron had never felt this relieved in his life. Never felt this happy to be alive. It was completely the opposite of the last moments of his previous life.

He accepted death in his last life because he judged it was his end, but not in this life!

He wanted to live this new life and enjoy it! Especially after arriving in this fantastic world with moving limbs and a system he had never read before!

"Thank you for saving me," Aleron smiled brightly at Darzax.

Darzax shook his head with a faint smile and looked at Aleron, "Your wish is my command, my lord. You made me an existence with meaning, so I shall serve with you my utmost devotion."

"Oh yeah, what is this room?" Aleron looked around in confusion. "It's so luxurious."

"It is the Royal bedchamber. I have disposed of the Royal Family and everyone in the palace as they were a threat to you, my lord."

"Oh…wait what?!" Aleron was dumbfounded. "You killed them all?"

"Indeed, my lord."

Darzax nodded and bowed, "For your safety, I have turned this kingdom into a necropolis."

"Necro…polis?" Aleron repeated the term with a dazed expression.

'No way right?!'

Necropolis meant the city of the dead. If he was to take the meaning and put the pieces together, it meant that Darzax had killed everyone in the city and turned them into undead!


'His specialty is Necromancy and Master of Death.'

He knew it but he still wanted to confirm it.

"Necropolis as in…the city of the dead?" Aleron asked while his heart started racing.

'He said necropolis…he said he killed everyone,' Aleron's heart beat faster.


Suddenly, the door to the room opened before a fit middle-aged man with blond hair and wearing a chef's uniform entered with a trolly of food.

Aleron looked at him, and his mouth opened wide in shock.

This middle-aged man did not look like a human.

He was strangely dark with faint shining on his body due to sunlight from the window as if he had micro-crystals on his skin.

But his most striking feature was a pair of folded vampire wings behind him and fangs.

"My lord. Please eat this delicacy made by this kingdom's best chef," Darzax smiled.

Aleron gulped and turned to Darzax, "Did you make everyone into an Undead?"

"Of course, my lord," Darzax bowed, "Everything for your safety and to save you. Your soul was injured and I needed powerful souls, refine them to acquire pure soul essence, and heal you."

"But worry not, we have a considerable army of undead with various ranks," Darzax smiled and waved his hand.

In the next second, Aleron saw a dreamy holographic-style image containing arrays of cartoony characters in mini form, a hierarchy of Undead!

The first five rows were the largest and biggest, with a title above them and a number beside it.

[Zombies]—11,392,00 - Adept rank.

'So the weakest zombies are also stronger than current me? Damn.' Aleron gulped and looked below as the armies got smaller, but more powerful in ranks.

[Ghouls]—984,190 - Mix of Exceptional and Adept rank.

[Liches]—395,302 - Mix of Exceptional rank and Epic rank.

[Death Knights]—98,349 - Epic rank.

[Vampires]—5684 - Mix of Epic and Legendary rank.

[Werewolves]—5402 - Mix of Epic and Legendary rank.

[Death Lords]—32 - Legendary rank.

[Death God]—1

"So, the Death God is you?" Aleron looked at Darzax.

Darzax smiled and shortly bowed, "Indeed, my lord. As I am the origin and responsible for turning them into undead in my hierarchy, I am the Death God."

'Holy sh*t, this guy is so powerful and I summoned him?!'

"Then how do you determine who becomes who in this hierarchy?" Aleron asked with curious sparks in his eyes.

"It depends on their own strength and soul potential, my lord. What I have is my Spell and my Domain. I unleashed them on this city to turn it into a Necropolis."

"My spell and Domain will work towards transforming the city into a social and working necropolis."

Darzax looked at Aleron and adopted a doubtful expression, "If you are not fine with this and want to go for adventures and settle somewhere, then we can depart as well."

"Eh? Then what about this Necropolis?"

Darzax smilingly shook his head, "All beings, including zombies, are sentient in this city, but their memories of them being humans are wiped out."

"As their Death God, I have already constructed a physical hierarchy in the city and given each race a role according to their capability to maintain the city and prosper."

"Unless some nearby kingdom or organizations decided to make a move, we can just leave and let them be on their own."

Aleron was amazed, but then he weakly smiled, "Darzax, I am grateful to you for saving me. But I also feel sad that many innocent people turned undead because of me."

He looked outside the window and wondered, "Are they happy or sad? Did they suffer?"

Darzax raised his eyebrows before he bowed, "I apologize my lord. I judged it was better to completely turn this city into our stronghold for your utmost safety. This way, if people from outside come, I can immediately know, and we can also use the Undead powerhouses birthed from people in this city to our aid."

"No need to apologize," Aleron shook his head.

Darzax looked at Aleron and ruefully smiled, "It's true that many innocents lost their previous lives, but if it makes you feel better, then all of them are alive as Undead and living a better life than before. They are at peace in my domain."

Aleron was surprised. 'He did it for me, after all. I feel sad, but nothing I can do except accept it.'

He smiled and nodded, "If that's the case, then good."

'This is a magical world…just like many I used to read!'

'I want to do a lot of things! But let's start with the most important.'

Aleron looked at Darzax, his eyes sparkling like stars, "Dax, take me outside. I want to look at this world and know more about it."

"With pleasure, my lord. I was about to suggest that after you finish eating," Darzax warmly smiled and gestured at the food trolly filled with various dishes.

"Please eat to regain some spirit and taste the best food of this kingdom."

"Even though the chef has turned into a high vampire, his skills haven't waned," Darzax chuckled.

"Alright," Aleron broadly grinned and nodded. He was hungry, so he started eating without holding back.

The moment he took the first bite of a juicy meatball wrapped in some kind of cabbage, his eyes sparkled.


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